• Initial site visit:  I will visit your house and take a quick look at your property to see what the conditions are like.  I will then spend about one to two hours asking questions to learn exactly what your needs and wishes are.
  • Site analysis:  I examine the existing conditions in your yard to observe features such as water drainage patterns, soil type and quality, sun and shade studies, microclimates, and identification of existing plants. I will take photos and measurements of existing features. A copy of your property plat is helpful for me.
  • Rough concept:  Based on the site analysis and the information you have provided, I will give you a design concept, focusing on form and function.  Details, such as specific plant species, will be decided at a later stage.  You choose the design or design elements you like the best and we repeat this process until you have a rough design that satisfies you. Color sketches are sometimes provided.
  • Final plan:  The final plan contains all the details such as specific plants and exact measurements for the placement of each design element.  You will receive a copy of the final plan plus a materials list and a complete plant list specifying plant species, varieties, and quantities.
  • Installation:​  I can recommend a landscaping company to install the design or I can collaborate with the landscaping company of your choice. If you wish to do the work yourself, I can suggest nurseries, quarries and catalogs where you can find the best source material.